Scott Frankfurt

Scott Frankfurt Studio has been a private production facility for many years – and is now a full-service recording, mixing and mastering studio available for your project. The studio has a rich pedigree; designed by Greg Thompson (Bill Schnee), built by legendary Ron Balmer and Frank LaTouf (Westlake, Record Plant, etc.), tuned to perfection by George Augsperger.


“As a sound designer for Spectrasonics, audio excellence is a must  – and that’s driven the design of the room. It has the soul of a classic recording outfit with the precision of an audio lab.”


We’re passionate about music and the art of producing it. We work on everything from cutting edge indie bands to some of the biggest names in music. Our clients love working here because the vibe is relaxed and the workflow is optimized for creativity.


We offer an innovative hybrid audio path, affording the choice to work “in the box” digital domain for convenience and collaboration, or in the high-resolution analog domain offering ultra-high headroom and virtually unlimited tone choices during mixdown. We are a “Mastered for iTunes” provider and offer those workflows for your final master as well.


Studio co-founder, Sharon Frankfurt, and SFS staff guarantee hospitality. Enjoy fresh croissants & fruit, and sip hand-crafted cappuccinos in the private studio garden. As our friend and talented artist Richard Souther says, “Snacks are important”!


John Legend, Sergio Mendes, WhitneyHouston, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand, Gracinha Leporace, Tammin Sursok, Joe Brooks
Products Used


Mono Class A Microphone Pre-Amplifier/DI

DRS-8 Mk2

8 Channel Class A Microphone Pre-Amplifier