Ralph Sutton

“I have used the DRS-2 on a lot of projects, including a young lady named Nicky, who is an up-and-coming talent here in Los Angeles,” states Sutton.” It’s extremely clean,” he says, likening its performance to “listening to the throughput of the console.” He explains, “When you’re dealing with digital audio, the cleaner the signal going into the recorder, whether it’s Pro Tools or Nuendo or a digital multi-track like a Sony 3348, the better the reproduction is going to be coming out. That’s really what I look for in any device like that.


The DRS-2 has the ability to give me what I’m trying to accomplish right off the bat going into the digital domain.” Sutton says that he finds that the DRS-2′s switchable High Pass Filter is especially convenient for cleaning up background noise when recording critical vocal performances. “I’m able to roll off a lot of the room noise and zoom right in on the level that I’m trying to get into the Pro Tools,” he elaborates. “The roll-off is actually very specific in the frequency that it cuts off, so much so that when you insert it, it knocks out all the air conditioning and room noise. Anything under 70 cycles is gone.”

Marvin Gaye, Prince, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder
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