Peter Miles

Although Peter Miles has worked in a variety of genres (indie, folk, pop and hip-hop) he is most recognised as a rock producer.


Miles’s musical background began touring with and in bands for several years in his teens notably playing with Martin Grech. During this time he discovered a talent for production and song arrangement, he began recording some of his favourite punk bands wherever possible (studios ranging from bedrooms to rehearsal rooms and the occasional pro studio too).


He eventually settled in his own residential studio, Holne Bridge Studios, which is were the majority of his recordings have been made. He moved from Holne Bridge in 2010 and has relocated to another, larger residential studio in East Devon called middle farm studios, working alongside producer / engineer James Bragg who has helped engineer many of the records Peter has produced.


The NME called him “a genuinely super producer“, and BBC Radio 1’s Mike Davies called him a “legend”.




Bands Peter has worked with include Sweet Billy Pilgrim, The King Blues, The Skints, We Are The Ocean, Futures, Dry The River, Canterbury, Francesqa, The Cape Race and Tellison.
Products Used

DRS-8 Mk2

8 Channel Class A Microphone Pre-Amplifier