Kevin Seaton

Interview with Kevin Seaton :


How long have you been recording/performing? 


I’ve been recording and performing since I was 15 years old (so 1996/7). I started touring professionally with a band called Say Anything in 2004 and have been producing full time since 2010.


What are your thoughts on Phoenix audio processors? 


So far I’ve only had experience with DRS preamps but they have quickly become some of my “go to” pres for any source. They are very clear and open but at the same time, depending on how you gain stage them, have just enough color to them to impart some mojo without being heavy handed. Very very well thought out and designed pres. They flatter any source without getting in the way, and a lot of the time, that’s exactly what you need.


How do you use your Phoenix Audio in the studio/live?


I have used the DRS pres on just about everything, but they’ve really seemed to be living on any stereo source lately. Drum/ percussion overheads, acoustic guitar, strings. When I want to capture something very true to source but add just a touch of un-intrusive vibe and color before hitting the converters, you can’t go wrong with them. I’m also a big fan of using them as a synth DI with my Moog and driving them a bit.


What projects/artists have you used the gear on that you can talk about?  


I haven’t had them that long but I’m currently using them on forthcoming EPs for Young Summer and Madi Diaz


Have any songs or albums you’ve recorded with Phoenix gear garnered any acclaim or awards? 


Top10 hits (anywhere), music awards, press…

Hopefully soon! Nothing I’ve used them on has been released yet


What piece/ kind of gear would you like to see us make next? Or, what Phoenix gear do you want next? 



I’m sort of all in on 500 series gear these days so I would love to get my hands on your compressors and the tilt EQ


Active Child, Snoop Lion, Say Anything, Rusko, White Arrows, Young Empires
Products Used


Mono Class A Microphone Pre-Amplifier/DI