Drew Allsbrook

Yeah, I’m so happy to have this setup. The goal of the setup is to always be able to take my equipment with me for the highest quality audio.


I went to Berklee College of Music on a bass scholarship but then later switched to focusing on audio engineering.


I have been a full time audio engineer for 10 years.  I split my time between my studio and mixing live concerts around the world. I have mixed hundreds of shows in dozens of countries for tens of thousands of people. I use an AVID S6L when mixing live. That’s with a waves server and I brought an analog mastering chain including analog summing all of the sub groups through the Phoenix Nicerizer Jr first.


I designed my audio system to allow use of all these preamps, analog summing, and outboard gear collection on location, easily.  All the gear is in shockmounted road cases so I can tour with it or bring on location for high quality input.  The system has 64 channels of IO so my hardware is all TT patchbay normalled for Pro Tools inserts but can be patched for destructive tracking. This rig is currently hooked up to the HD Native card in my Mac Pro but it can also work with a USB cable into a laptop or straight into my live professional audio consoles (AVID) at 96Khz over MADI.  I can have this rack of 32 DRS preamps on stage and then route the signal over MADI to FOH and have Class A input into a digital desk at 96Khz!  Tech is awesome.


I have a gold record for mixing AJR’s hit single Burn The House Down.


I’ve toured a lot as Tour Manager / FOH Live Sound Engineer. Clients have been AJR, Andy Grammer, Fifth Harmony, Etc


I’ve designed and built a few studios in Los Angeles and have acoustically designed and treated many other studios including Ryan Adam’s Pax Am studio in Hollywood.


During Covid I’m allocating attention to developing my studio into a LiveStream venue for virtual concerts over the internet.

AJR, Andy Grammar
Products Used

DRS-8 Mk2

8 Channel Class A Microphone Pre-Amplifier


Mono Class A Microphone Pre-Amplifier/DI


Mono Class A Discrete 4 Band EQ

Nicerizer Junior

16 Channel DAW Summing Mixer