Alessandro Stefana

My name is Alessandro “Asso” Stefana, I’m an italian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist composer, engineer and producer.


At the moment I’m playing with MIKE PATTON (Faith No More, Fantomas etc.. ) in Mondocane’s project , I’ve collaborations with MARC RIBOT, I’m the guitarist and producer of VINICIO CAPOSSELA which is one of the most important italian songwriter right now.


I’m involved in the recording of the new album of PJ HARVEY, at Somerset House, London produced by Flood and John Parish.


I’ve also my own trio’s Spaghetti western/rock/country/folk/psychedelic called GUANO PADANO in which I play mainly electric and lap steel guitar and I’m the engineer and producer, with a taste of the golden age’s Italian sounds from the ’60 and ’70.


Some of my other collaborations including: ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI (the renowed whistler of the Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks), MIKE PATTON, MARC RIBOT, CALEXICO, JOHN PARISH (PJ Harvey…), GARY LUCAS (Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart), FLACO JIMENEZ, LOS LOBOS, Shane MacGowan (Pogues), Chris Speed, Anthony Coleman, Frank London and many others…


With these projects I shared the stages of the most important festivals all over the world with artists such as Ennio Morricone, Beck, Thom Yorke, Sigur Ros, Air, Massive Attack, Grizzly Bear, The Dandy Warhols and many others, in the most prestigious theaters, concert halls and clubs including: Australia, Finland, Austria, Ethiopia, Canada, Portugal, Canary Islands, Russia, Israel, USA, Sweden, Cile, Argentina, Brazil, UK, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Slovenya, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy.


I played in albums released by: Warner Bros, Atlantic, Nonesuch, Thrill Jockey, Ipecac Recordings, Important Records, Skirl Records, Acuarela, S-Curve Records, La Cupa, Tremoloa Records, Goodfellas, Mescal, Foolica Records, Woland, Urtovox, Malintenti dischi, Santeria, Homesleep, Wallace records, El Gallo Rojo records, Pocket Heaven, Niegazowana Records, Holidays Records, Foolica Records, Gibilterra and many more…


Ennio Morricone, Beck, Thom Yorke, Sigur Ros, Air, Massive Attack, Grizzly Bear, The Dandy Warhols and many others
Products Used

DRS-8 Mk2

8 Channel Class A Microphone Pre-Amplifier